Round Prices to $0.99

Have you ever wondered why stores choose to market products with an ending decimal of $0.99? It's because we are trained to read from left to right, and the first digit of the price resonates with us the most. 

The GS Ecommerce platform gives users the ability to round prices to $0.99 and compete in a highly competitive market. To utilize this feature see instructions below. 



In the left-hand column, find the "Gunimport" section and click the Gunimport Settings tab.

In the center of the screen, click to expand Gunimport Settings if not open upon page load. 

There will be a field labeled, "Round prices up to $0.99," change this to YES

Click Save Config


**Please note the change will not take effect immediately. The speed at which the site updates pricing, will be determined by how many products are imported into your site. 

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