Invoice and Packing Slip Design

Easily create and manage your custom invoice and packing slip designs.

  • Add your logo for PDF printouts
  • Add your logo for your HTML print view invoices 
  • Specify Address


To access this configuration page navigate to:

System > Configuration > "Sales"  section of the left-hand menu > Sales > Invoice and Packing Slip Design dropdown


Add your logo

PDF Printouts

To add your logo to your invoice and packing slips, simply click the "Choose File Button" and select the desired file you wish to use. Recommended size is 200x50 pixels.

HTML Print View

You can specify a logo to be used should a customer want to print the invoice or packing slip page directly from the browser. If not specified, the default logo will be used.


Specify Address

Enter return address or the desired address you want displayed on invoices and packing slips in the last field of the Packing Slip Design dropdown.

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