Gift Cards

Enable your customers to buy gift cards and be able to send them via email or post.


  • Create unlimited gift cards with fixed or open amount price types
  • Generate and upload gift codes
  • Send gift certificates via Email 
  • Keep track of all purchased gift cards
  • Create or update gift card templates


Enabling Gift Cards 

To enable gift cards, navigate to Gift Card > Settings and open the "General" tab and select the 'Yes' option in the first dropdown menu.


Create a Gift Card

To add a new gift card product navigate to Catalog > Manage Products > click Add Product

Step 1)

Determine the appropriate Attribute Set and select "Gift Card" as the Product Type.


Step 2 - General Information)

While on the General tab, you will fill out the information as you would for any other product except for the last two fields have been reserved for gift card creation. Select the appropriate gift card template for the card's style and select the desired gift code sets that will be associated with this gift card item.

Step 3 - Setting Card Values)

Select  Prices from the left menu > Select appropriate tax class (required) > Determine the type of Gift Card value (fixed, range, dropdown values*

*separate values with a comma




Step 4 - Save)

After appropriate fields are completed, click Save  to save the gift card to add to catalog.


Create a Gift Card Template

To add a new gift card template, navigate to Gift Card > Manage Gift Card Templates




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