I got my first order. Now what?

Navigate to Sales > Orders in your admin panel. 

When a customer places an order on your site it will either be sent to the distributor if it is a dropship item or not sent because it is an item requiring FFL information. 

Firearm orders are NOT sent directly through the data feed. These items will need to be processed manually with your sales reps. 


If an order contains only accessories (dropship items) you will notice that the order status will update itself. See "Item Status" and "Qty." 


An order will only be invoiced after a payment is captured. If you opt to have payment only authorized during checkout, then you will need to select the invoice button at the top of the order screen in the admin before the order is sent to the distributors. 


If an order has been invoiced and is a firearm order, then the only thing you will need to do after the order is placed with your sales rep is select the SHIP button. You will be able to add a tracking number to the order and notify the customer that the item has been shipped. 

When a customer places an order will multiple types of products and from multiple warehouse, you will need to review to ensure all items have been sent successfully. In some cases an item might be allocated, and not marked as shipped.

Also note that the item status will update on accessories but the order will not be marked as complete if a firearm is in the order, until the SHIP button is selected. 


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