Shipping Restrictions Update

This update allows the administrator to control completely on a per category or product basis how things are shipped.

You can limit the use of shipping methods by country, product names, brands, you can use literally any of the products attributes.

You can also put shipping restrictions based on customer groups, order total, weight and other shipping parameters. If you want to know more check out the support site and post your questions there.

If you have a legal need to disallow in store pick up for certain items for out of state customers. You can adjust the shipping process to your legal and business needs. The new update allows you to block shipping carriers or some methods of shipping carriers using any of the product attributes or you can do it categorically. You can limit based on country, state, other shipping data. If you want to restrict methods for customer groups you can do that as well.

Choose Carriers and Methods to Restrict:
Some carriers may have several shipping methods - ground mail, standard air mail, express mail, etc. Now you can limit only the method you need instead of blocking the whole carrier with all its methods.

For example, one could set short-life products only to be shipped by express mail methods.

One powerful option that we have added is that you can choose whether to apply the restrictions only to frontend (customers orders) or to backend orders (administrator ordering on behalf of a customer).

Advanced users can allow a combination of conditions based on customer groups, order, and product attributes. You can create shipping rules which limit exactly what is needed and nothing more.

Specify Shipping conditions:
Create shipping restrictions based on shipping weight, order total, address line, zip code, region, etc.
You can lose money with some shipping methods when orders are either too light or too heavy. So it makes perfect sense to block these shipping methods for very small or very heavy orders. You can also block delivery to some distant states or provinces, like Alaska.

You can use any product attributes when specifying conditions for restriction of shipping methods.

Let's say you would like to limit free shipping for orders with subtotal under 100. A customer can add products worth 110 to the cart and then apply 20% coupon. If you have this option activated, the free shipping option will not apply to this order, because the subtotal after discount would be less than 100.

If you want to give access to certain shipping methods based on customer group you can, an example would be free shipping only to wholesale customers.


Ordering Restrictions: 
Another useful restriction can be set for back-ordered items.
For example you can block next day delivery for back-ordered items.

Restrict shipping on particular days -- Yes now you've got the power to choose particular days of the week to restrict shipping with rules.


International Shipping:
This update fixes international shipping so that you can now you can create custom groups countries and specify specific shipping restrictions for the whole region with just one rule.

Shipping Restrictions Using Coupons:
Coupons and shipping create issues for some users, this update enables you to apply specific restrictions that will apply when your customers use coupons. Let’s say you have a possibility of free shipping in your store, and you have implemented coupons for your customers to get them to purchase more. With shipping restrictions module in this situation you can implement 2 scenarios:

Allow your website to remove free shipping when the coupon is used or if you don’t usually ship for free, you can offer your customers free shipping as a bonus when they use coupons.

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