RSR Order Process

When a customer places an order on your site and payment is authorized & captured, the order will be sent via API to RSR's order system. 


If it is a firearms purchase: 

Once you confirm FFL info for firearms purchase, you’ll need to process it manually through RSR. After you receive the firearm and ship to the shipping address, click the SHIP button on the invoice and you’ll be able to add a tracking number if you’d like as well. It will then mark the order complete in the system. If you have RSR FFL fulfillment the order will process just like an accessory. 


Dropship item:

With accessories, everything will go through automatically and dropship unless the payment is under review or not captured yet. 


 **Please note orders might be placed on hold if you do not have ACH setup for electronic order processing. For more details on payment setup, contact your RSR service professional. 


RSR FFL Fulfillment:
In most cases, your RSR fulfillment account does not have FFL applied to it. If that is true we also will not have RSR FFL ordering enabled on your site. If we did have RSR FFL ordering enabled, RSR's system would simply just get an error file which could not be used to process the order manually. 
An order containing only an RSR FFL item will not be sent to their system (because its disabled). If an order has an RSR accessory and FFL item, the accessory will be processed but the FFL item will not. 
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