How do I add a product with dropdown options?

The easiest way to add a product with dropdown options is by creating a configurable product that links associated, simple products. 


Typically, a customer will use the default attribute set to add in-store inventory. You will need to make sure that the dropdown options are added to the default attribute set before beginning to add products. 


Scroll through the list and see if your desired options are preexisting. If not they will have to be created. 

See How to create Attributes & Attribute Sets


1. Add Product

2. Default, Configurable

3. Check all options that you what as a dropdown, Continue

4. Enter parent product name & general description

5. SKU - base sku 

6. Status - Enabled

7. Visibility - Catalog, Search

8. Price - Add price

9. Add Images

10. Shipping - Select appropriate shipping warehouse

11. Inventory - In stock 

12. Categories - Root Category & unique category


13. Associated Products: 

• First hit the save and continue button in the right hand corner

• A section labeled, Quick simple product creation will appear

• Quickly add simple products here 

• You can allow auto-generate for the name and sku or uncheck and create your own. 

• Set Visibility to not visible individually

• Hit Quick Create. Simple product will appear below


Save product. Clear Cache. Reindex. SYSTEM > CACHE MANAGEMENT/INDEX MANAGEMENT select all. submit. 

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