How to add a product?

Adding your own products to your store is fairly simple.



  • Select: Add Product
  • Attribute Set: Default
  • Product type: Simple Product
  • Click Continue 

The next step will be to fill out all the required settings for your new product. 

General Tab:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Short Description
  • SKU
  • Weight
  • Status – Enabled
  • URL Key – Will automatically generate when the product is saved.
  • Visibility – Catalog, Search

Price Tab:

  • Price - Enter product price
  • Tax class – choose taxable goods

Image Tab:

  • Add Image to your product - select all 3 radio buttons

Shipping Tab:

  • Select Warehouse - Default 

Inventory Tab:

  • Qty – Set quantity
  • Stock Availability- Change to In stock

Category Tab:

  • Checkmark appropriate categories 

Click Save. 


Once you're done adding products you'll need to reindex and clear cache on your site.



Checkmark all indexes with a red status. Click Submit

**Depending on the number of products imported into your site, re-indexing can take several minutes to complete. 


SYSTEM > CACHE MANAGEMENT > Select All. Click Submit. 


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