Adding Content Pages

To add new content pages, navigate to tab CMS > PAGES > MANAGE CONTENT


If you wish to edit an existing page, click on it in the list on the left. Once opened, choose the CONTENT tab, and the SHOW/HIDE EDITOR. This view will allow you to edit without the coding being visible.


Click Save Page.


To add new page, click ADD PAGE button on left. You can drag and drop pages to create root and sub pages.


1. Page Information -- Select a page title, set to enabled, leave the URL key blank as it with generate automatically. Select yes if you want the page to be in the header navigation. Select no if you simply want it to be a footer link or click through page.

2. Content – Insert a content heading, click SHOW/HIDE EDITOR. Add page contents. The icons will allow to format, add images, links, tables and so on.

3. Design – In most cases this will be kept as a one-column layout.

4. Meta Data – Add keywords to the page and a description for SEO purposes.


Click Save Page.

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