Having a blog on your site is an easy way to increase SEO for your website by adding relevant content. 


To create a new blog post, log in to the admin panel of your website. 

Navigate to the BLOG > ADD POST


On "Post Information" tab enter the following: 

  • Enter a "Title" for your post
  • Specify an "Identifier" for the post - (no spaces)
  • Choose a "Category" - Note: You can add more categories under BLOG > CATEGORIES 
  • "Status" should be set to enabled. 
  • Add Tags to your post based on content
  • Enter your blog post in "Content" section - Note: You can use the "Show/Hide Editor" to format the post. 

On "Advanced Options" tab enter the following:

  • In "Keywords" box enter keywords associated with the post. This will help the search engines feed the post. 
  • In "Description" box enter a brief description of your post that will entice readers. 


Save Post. 


**To specify advanced settings for the Blog extension navigate to SYSTEM > CONFIGURATION

In the left-hand column find the "Sitebiz" section and "Blog" tab. 



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