To integrate USPS into GSEcommerce you will need to obtain a few different account credentials. 

  • Web Tools User ID 
  • Password 


If not already done so, you will need to open an USPS Web Tools account. After you complete the registration process, you will receive your User ID and a URL to the USPS test server. 


Once your USPS account has been created you will need to login to the admin of your GS Ecommerce and do the following setup: 


2. In the left hand column scroll until you see the Sales section, and select the Shipping Methods tab. 
3. Click and expand the USPS section in the center of the page. 
4. Within the USPS section, complete the following settings


  • Set Enabled for Checkout to "Yes"
  • The Gateway URL needs to be set to, if not already preset. 
  • The Secure Gateway URL needs to be set to, if not already preset.
  • Enter a Title for this shipping method that will appear during checkout.
  • Enter the User ID & Password for the USPS Web Tools account. 
  • Set Mode to Live 

5. Complete the rest of the settings based on your company preferences. 





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