GSEcommerce does recognize USAePay as a supported merchant. You will simply use your USAePay username and password to connect to the gateway as an emulator. 


Credentials needed to integrate USAePay:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Gateway URL: 


To enter these credentials, in the admin navigate to: 

SYSTEM > CONFIGURATION and then on the left find the Sales section and select Payment Methods from the list. 

There will be a list of supported payment methods, scroll until you see and expand the tab. 

You will then need to enable this section if not already done so and set the following setting: 

  • Payment Action - Authorize and Capture
  • API Login ID - USAePay Username 
  • Merchant Email - email address associated with merchant account
  • Title - Credit Card
  • Transaction Key - USAePay Password
  • Gateway URL -
  • Payment Update URL - 
  • Test Mode - No


The rest of the settings will be based on company preference. When you are finished click Save Config.



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