Bookings & Classes

Bookings are a great way to keep track of the classes that you want to offer to your customers and who's signed up. To add a booking to your site see instructions below:


Create a booking product: 

  • In upper right hand corner select "Add Product" button
  • Set the Attribute Set to "Default" and Product Type to "Booking/Reservation"

Set product details for booking:

  • Under General Tab you will need to fill out the required fields: Name, Description, Short Description, SKU, Status, Visibility
  • Under Prices Tab enter a base price for the course and select a tax class from the dropdown
  • Under Images tab, browse your files to add an image of the class you are offering. Select all three radio buttons. 

Under the Booking tab set the following:

  • Quantity - defines maximum number of reservations for a single period;
  • Date from - defines the date the product can be booked from. Leave empty to set no restrictions;
  • Period type - defines the period a product can be booked for:
    • Date;
    • Time;
    • Date and time.
  • Date to - defines the date the product can be booked to. Leave empty to set no restrictions;
  • Time from - defines the time the product is available from for booking on a particular date;
  • Time to - defines the time the product is available to for booking on a particular date;
  • Billable period - defines if the customer should be charged for booking days or hours (works in conjunction with Period Type);
  • Shipping - if enabled the shipping charges will be applied to this bookable product at the checkout;
  • Multiply options - defines how the product's custom options (if any) price should be calculated:
    • If enabled the custom option's price will be multiplied on a number of days/hours booked.

      Total = booking_price * qty + custom_option_price * qty
    • If disabled custom option's price will be added once to the total.

      Total = booking_price * qty + custom_option_price
  • Exclude days - allows excluding particular days of the week from the booking schedule. The option comes with the following period types:
    • Single day;
    • Recurrent day of week;
    • Recurrent date;
    • Period, from-to;
    • Recurrent period, from-to.
  • Price rules - allows applying special prices for the dates specified. There are two types of Price rules:
    • Fixed - this type allows applying fixed price for a date specified;
    • Gradual - this type allows specifying the price interval that will be gradually arranged through the time interval specified.

 Under the Inventory tab set the following:

  • In upper right hand corner select the "ERP View" button.
  • Stock settings - Set Use Default to "No" and Manage stocks to "No".
  • Select "Save" button.
  • Select  the "Force Stocks Update" button.

Managing Your Bookings: 

To quickly access all the booking orders store administrator can navigate to BOOKING > ORDERS.

This page represents a list of all orders (with the unique booking ID) placed for booking/reservation products.

With Product Details link it is possible to access details of a corresponding product.




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