The layaway add-on allows you to sell your products in installments. You can create multiple installment plans for different products. Each plan can have its own payment rules such as down payment, no of installments, time period and layaway fees.

To setup the layaway add-on for the site as a whole navigate to:



General Tab:

  • Enable Layaway: Set to YES
  • Enable Layaway for All Products: Choose whether or not you'd like layaway available for all products. 
  • By-Pass the login/register: Set to NO if you want customer to be logged in and registered before layaway is available. 
  • Select Allowed Payment Methods 

Labels Tab: 

If you'd like to change the labels shown on the frontend you are able to do it here. 

Global Values: 

  • Enable Multiple Layaway products for checkout: If set to YES all products will use the global values for installments and period instead of the individual product settings. 
  • Charge Layaway Fee: If you'd like to charge a fee for layaway choose between "Per Product or Per Order". Choose settings for next 3 boxes as well. 
  • Product Price Mode: Fixed - if you always want a set amount for the initial payment. Percentage - If you want the initial payment to be calculated based on product price.
  • Installments: Choose number of installments allowed, at what period, and how many periods they have to complete payment.

Save Config.  


To enter layaway information per product navigate to:


Once you have found in the product in your catalog that you'd like to enable layaway for, and have opened it to the Layaway tab repeat Global Values settings for the individual product. 




**Customers will be able to manage layaway purchases from their account dashboard once logged in.



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