In Store Pickup

To setup free in store pickup for customers you will have to first enable this shipping method. 


  • Find the tab labeled "Free Shipping" 
  • Set Enabled to Yes
  • Change title to In Store Pickup
  • Save Config


The next step is to include this shipping method to the various shipping warehouses. You will need to add the In Store Pickup as an applicable shipping carrier for all products that you'd like to be available for pickup in store. 

For non-dropship items select Warehouse Default and add "In Store Pickup" as an applicable shipping carrier.


In most scenarios only in state residents will have in store pickup as an option. To make sure this shipping method is not available to customers with an out of state address you will need to setup a Shipping Restriction


Shipping Restriction Setup:


  • Add Rule
  • Give your rule a name
  • Change status to active
  • Select In Store Pickup [free shipping] under Restrict ALL METHODS from Carriers
  • Under Conditions tabs, click green plus sign and Shipping State/Province under dropdown
  • You will now see "Shipping State/Province is ... X" - Click is and Change is to is NOT
  • Click ... (three dots) - Change to your STATE
  • Save. 



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