Flat Rate - Category and Product Shipping

If you'd like to ship with a flat rate to all of your products, then Category and Product Shipping is the Shipping Method to utilize. 



On the left look for the section labeled "Sales" and then "Shipping Methods" 

Expand the tab, "Category and Product Shipping" 

In this section, you will enter the base flat rate for all products you are not wanting to individually set a custom flat rate to. 


Step 1:

Complete the following fields:

  • Enabled - Yes
  • Title - You can update this to say "Flat Rate" or whatever you'd like to be listed in the checkout
  • Method Name - This will follow the title in the checkout. (ie. Category and Product Shipping - Method Name)
  • Shipping Rate - Base Flat Rate you want to be set for the entire website.
  • Shipping Extra Rate - Rate for additional items (ie. $29.99 - Flat Rate + $5.00 - Per Extra Products) Leave Blank if you don't want an extra rate. 
  • Shipping per Product Qty - Set to NO if you don't want the customer charged multiple times. 
  • Save Config. 


Step 2: 


In the category tree on the left select the category you'd like an individual flat rate for. Once open, select the "Category Shipping" tab near the top center of the page. You will find similar fields to fill out for the individual category. 

  • Category Shipping Price - Price only for this category (ie. 19.99)
  • Extra Item Shipping Price - Price for extra items from the category individually (ie. 19.99 + 5.00 per extra product)
  • Inherit from Parent - This field should be set to yes for subcategories within the main category you are adding a custom flat rate too. (ie. Handguns/Pistols) 

**Make sure you are saving between each category price update. 


Once you have added established a flat rate for all individual categories, the shipping warehouses need to be updated. 



Select "Warehouse - Default" 

Under Applicable Shipping Carriers make sure "Category and Product Shipping - cp_shipping" is selected 



**You'll want to repeat this step for all distributor warehouses that you want to utilize the flat rate. 


Now run some tests on the front end to ensure the correct rates are showing for your customers. 

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