Merchant Account vs. Payment Gateway

If you're new to e-commerce you might be confused by the difference between a merchant account and a payment gateway. Both are necessary for online sales. 


Merchant Account:

A bank account that enables the holder to accept credit cards for payment. Merchant accounts are simply a contract between a retailer and a credit card processing company, which allows you to offer your customers fast, flexible and secure options upon checkout. 


Payment Gateway: 

A payment gateway allows merchants like you to process credit, debit and alternative payments online. Since retailers are prohibited from sending a customer’s payment information directly to a payment processor, the payment gateway acts as the go-between, ensuring customer data is encrypted and secure.

(ie., eProcessing Network) 


**Please note, SITEBIZ is NOT responsible for setting up a merchant account or payment gateway for any client.

If your merchant processor has a website requirements checklist, send our support staff a detailed list of things that need to be updated on the site and all applicable changes will be made. 

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