Submit Best Offer

The Submit Best Offer feature allows customers to make offers on products that are currently shown at MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) because your markup is not meeting the manufacturers minimum pricing requirements. 


To enable module, in admin panel navigate to: 


Scroll to the Sales tab on left, select Submit Best Offer


Under Basic Settings, change Enabled on Frontend to YES


Once enabled you will need to add a few settings. 

  1. Add a number for "Number of offers a customer can place for each product"
  2. Modify offer expiration "Offer expiration time in seconds" 
  3. Under Email Settings add an email address to "Offer Receivers" (who will get email alerts of the offers) 
  4. Add email address the offer notifications will come from "Offer Sender"
  5. Add sender name for email alerts "Offer sender name" 

Click Save Config


**Note: Customers will not be able to use this feature until they are logged in


After all of your settings have been saved, you will manage this feature under:



When a customer submits an offer, you both should receive an email alert of the pending offer. It will then appear under the Submit Best Offer page. You will be able to approve or decline the offer. Once a decision has been made the customer will receive another email alert of the status. 

If an offer has been approved the customer will be able to purchase the product at this price by logging into their account and review their shopping cart. 


**You also have the option to add default "Offer Accepted" and "Offer Declined" prices on products. Under the Prices tab at the bottom there will be fields to enter your suggested offer price. If customer exceeds these prices then the offer will automatically be approved or declined. 



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